Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada is an example before the world of what diverse peoples can achieve when they work together, joined in common purpose.

As we approach the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017, Canadians are proud of our country and its achievements. Together we have built a nation from Atlantic to Pacific and north through the boundless Arctic. Canada is prosperous and safe; a country whose promise is limited only by imagination; a place where people from around the world live in harmony; a federation united at home and respected abroad.

Canadians elected a government to improve life for themselves and their families. And under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, this Government is delivering the principled, focused and effective leadership needed to shape and inspire tomorrow’s Canada.

When faced with the worst global recession in half a century, the Government didn’t hesitate. Canada's Economic Action Plan is helping fuel job creation, grow our economy and increase Canada's long-term prosperity. The Plan is working: consumer confidence is on the rise, more Canadians are working than ever before and the economy is once again growing.

The Government of Canada is focusing on the drivers of job creation and growth—innovation, investment, skills and communities—and to keeping taxes low and returning the budget to balance.

While steering Canada through the global recession is the Government’s foremost priority, we remain committed to delivering on the other issues that matter to Canadians, including enhancing our Arctic sovereignty, celebrating our history, advancing Canada’s position on the world stage, ensuring safe and secure communities, and rebuilding our Canadian Forces. Today's Canada. Tomorrow's Canada. The true north strong and free.