Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirms Albertans' choice for Senate: Bert Brown joins the Upper Chamber

10 July 2007

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that he has signed the Order in Council, which was approved by the Governor General, appointing Bert Brown to the Senate of Canada. Senator Brown will take his seat when Parliament resumes this upcoming fall.

“For more than 20 years, Bert has been a passionate and persuasive advocate for democratization of the Senate.  Selected by those whom he is set to represent, I have no doubt that he will serve Alberta and its interests well,” said the Prime Minister.

Garnering more than 300,000 votes, Brown placed first in Alberta’s 2004 Senate election.  Prime Minister Harper – in keeping with the spirit of Bill C-43, which, if passed into law, will allow Canadians to have a direct say in who will be their representatives in the Red Chamber – announced his intention to appoint Brown in April.   

“Today’s announcement reflects our government’s strong commitment to moving forward on Senate reform,” said Prime Minister Harper. 

“Following the retirement of Dan Hays, it’s an opportunity for a Senator who has been endorsed by Canadian voters to join the Upper Chamber. I would like to thank Dan Hays for his long and distinguished service to Canada, primarily as Speaker of the Senate and leader of the opposition in the Upper Chamber,” concluded the Prime Minister.