PM pleased with progress made at the 2009 Summit of the Americas

Summit produces greater cooperation and dialogue in the hemisphere
Port Of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
19 April 2009

Canada is pleased with the progress made by participants in the 2009 Summit of the Americas to fight the impact of the global recession on the Western Hemisphere, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said today. 

“We sought to keep the focus on the global economic crisis and I am pleased with the substantive discussions I had with my counterparts on ways we could work together as part of the global response,” said the Prime Minister.  “I am also pleased that, for the most part, leaders were in agreement that maintaining open markets is critical to a regional and a global recovery.”

“We saw a tremendous reciprocation of that spirit as the conference went on by other members, who at times have had divergent views.” 

To further strengthen ties between Canada and other states in the Americas, the Prime Minister announced several new trade and development initiatives at the summit.  Canada will be doubling its commitment to the Inter-American Development Bank.  In addition, the Prime Minister announced a five-year technical assistance program to help countries that have signed or are about to sign trade agreements with Canada.  Canada will strengthen its support for democracy in the Americas through a substantial new contribution to the Organization of American States Electoral Assistance Initiative.

“We also wanted to continue building Canada’s engagement in the Americas, and I had several good meetings with leaders in pursuit of that goal,” said the Prime Minister.  “Overall, this Summit has been successful from Canada’s point of view.”