PM announces the appointment of David Emerson as Co-Chair of the Advisory Committee on the Public Service

Ottawa, Ontario
4 June 2009

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today that the Honourable David Emerson has agreed to serve as Co-Chair of the Advisory Committee on the Public Service.  This Committee was established in November 2006 to provide an external perspective and expert advice to the Prime Minister and the Clerk of the Privy Council on the renewal and future development of the public service.  The Committee comprises nine eminent Canadians, including two Co Chairs, who are recognized leaders in their professions and in Canadian society.

“Mr. Emerson will bring extremely valuable insight and expertise to the Committee’s work from his experiences working with federal and provincial governments and in the private sector,” the Prime Minister said.  “I am pleased that such a distinguished Canadian has accepted the role of Co-Chairing the Committee as it pursues its important work.”

The main objective of the Advisory Committee on the Public Service is to help ensure that our federal public service remains strong, dynamic and relevant.  The Public Service of Canada is a vital national institution, with public servants delivering programs and services to millions of Canadians in every region of the country and around the world.  An outstanding public service is crucial to our country’s success.

The Prime Minister also expressed his deep appreciation to the Right Honourable Donald F. Mazankowski, the outgoing Co-Chair of the Advisory Committee.  “Mr. Mazankowski’s wisdom and leadership as Co-Chair of the Committee since its creation have contributed greatly to our efforts to build a renewed public service that delivers results for all Canadians,” said the Prime Minister. 

Mr. Emerson will join the Honourable Paul M. Tellier, who has served as Co Chair of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee since it was established.