PM announces Canada to extend scholarships to Mexican students

Congratulates students selected in Canada’s ‘Emerging Leaders in the Americas’ program
Guadalajara, Mexico
10 August 2009

Prime Minister Stephen Harper met today with six students from the Guadalajara region who will be participating in Canada’s Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program.  Through this program the Government of Canada extends Canadian scholarships to promising Mexican students, improving the academic, social and cultural ties between the two nations.

“I would like to congratulate all the students from Mexico who have been selected as the first participants in this groundbreaking program,” said the Prime Minister.  “I wish you every success during your stay in Canada, and I know you will return to Mexico with a greater understanding of the values that Canadians and Mexicans share as well as what each of us can do to strengthen our relationship.”

Fifty-five students from Mexico were selected to participate in short-term exchanges with Canadian universities and colleges, as well as a study tour that exposes students to Canadian education models, expertise and leadership in the areas of democratic development, security and prosperity.

Students in Guadalajara and Mexico have benefited from strong and dynamic relationships between local institutions and institutions across Canada.  Hundreds of students have participated in exchanges over the years.

The Government of Canada contributes over $1.25 million annually to programs that facilitate academic mobility and study between Canada and Mexico, including the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program.