PM announces Parliamentary Secretary nominations

Ottawa, Ontario
29 August 2010

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that he has nominated Shelly Glover, Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface, to move from Official Languages to become Parliamentary Secretary for Indian Affairs and Northern Development, and Greg Rickford, Member of Parliament for Kenora, to become Parliamentary Secretary for Official Languages.

“I am pleased to announce the nominations of Shelly Glover and Greg Rickford as Parliamentary secretaries and have every confidence that they will fulfill their roles with energy and conviction,” said the Prime Minister.

Shelly Glover was first elected to represent Saint Boniface in 2008.  A former police officer, she is fluently bilingual and was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Official Languages in November 2008.

Greg Rickford, who has worked as a nurse, health care consultant and lawyer, was first elected in 2008.  He completed an MBA at Laval University in Quebec City, where he learned to speak French.  His nomination as Parliamentary Secretary for Official Languages is his first.

Parliamentary secretaries are responsible for assisting members of the Cabinet with their parliamentary responsibilities.  As part of these responsibilities, parliamentary secretaries frequently represent their minister in parliamentary committees and work closely with members of Parliament in the House of Commons.