PM announces parliamentary secretaries

Ottawa, Ontario
25 May 2011

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced his team of 28 parliamentary secretaries who  will assist ministers with their parliamentary duties.

“I look forward  to working with the new and returning parliamentary secretaries,” said Prime  Minister Harper.  “Parliamentary  secretaries are a key link between ministers and parliamentarians.  They help to ensure strong and productive  relations with all members of parliament, and will play a critical role in  assisting our Government to deliver on its commitments to Canadians.”

As part of their  responsibilities, parliamentary secretaries frequently represent their minister  in parliamentary committees and work closely with members of Parliament in the  House of Commons.

“Our stable,  national Government has a strong team of men and women to lead the way toward  greater economic prosperity and security for Canada,” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime  Minister also announced that Member of Parliament Laurie Hawn will assume a new  role as a member of the Treasury Board sub-committee on the Strategic and  Operating Review.

“I am pleased that  Laurie has accepted an important new role as a member of the Treasury Board  sub-committee on the Strategic and Operating Review,” concluded the Prime  Minister.   

Consult the list  of parliamentary secretaries at

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