2012 Cooperative Arrangement on market access

Beijing, China
9 February 2012

During Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to Canada in June 2010, Canada and China signed a Cooperative Arrangement committing the two countries to resolve important access issues for Canada, including Canadian beef, beef products and tallow. Cooperation under the 2010 Arrangement has resulted in access for Canadian deboned beef from animals under thirty months of age and Canadian tallow for industrial use.

The 2012 Cooperative Arrangement, signed on February 9 in Beijing, supports additional cooperation between Canada and China to resolve agriculture market access issues of mutual interest. Under the arrangement, China has committed to work with Canada on access for Canadian dairy cattle, bone-in beef and offal from animals under thirty months of age, and fresh cherries. China has also agreed to inspect more Canadian beef establishments that are interested in exporting beef to China.

Ultimately, the Cooperative Arrangement will help increase sales of Canadian agricultural products in the Chinese market.