PM announces support for security initiatives in Thailand and Southeast Asia

Bangkok, Thailand
24 March 2012

First of all, thank you, Commissioner General, for arranging this briefing today.

Also want to thank you, Ward Alcock, for your efforts on behalf of Canada and also for contributing to the briefing.

Good morning, everybody.

Since the Fall of 2010, intensified cooperation between the RCMP and the Royal Thai Police has thwarted the activities of human smuggling gangs.

Several illegal operations have been blocked, and boats have been stopped before they can sail to Canada’s shores.

Our government is very much encouraged by these efforts.

I have two purposes here today.

First, on behalf of the government of Canada, I’d like to thank the government of Thailand for becoming a leading partner in the global fight against human smuggling.

In particular, I should like to thank the Royal Thai Police and its branches, including the Central Investigation Bureau, the Thai Immigration Bureau, and the Marine Police Division for their energetic pursuit of some of the world’s worst criminals.

These are people who profit from exploiting the miseries and aspirations of some the world’s most vulnerable people.

Second, I’m today announcing that our government has created a special program to support our partners here as they work to detect and prevent human smuggling operations throughout Southeast Asia.

We will provide new equipment and training to several branches of the Royal Thai Police.

Also we will extend similar programming to partner countries throughout Southeast Asia.

And of course, we will continue to fund counterterrorism initiatives with Thailand and other Southeast Asian partners.

In today’s world security is interconnected even indivisible.

Smugglers, terrorists and other criminals know no borders.

That means when law enforcement officials, from different jurisdictions, work together and when they stop international threats, wherever they start.

Our government stands united with like-minded allies here in Thailand, across Southeast Asia, and around the world to defend sovereignty and uphold international law.

Once again, everybody, thank you for your efforts, and thanks for having me here today for the briefing.