PM nominates next Parliamentary Librarian

Ottawa, Ontario
18 June 2012

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the nomination of Sonia L’Heureux as the new Parliamentary Librarian.

“Ms. L’Heureux has been an integral member of the Library’s management team since 2008 and has demonstrated the ability to lead the Library with vision and innovation”, said the Prime Minister. “I am pleased that she has agreed to be nominated for this position.”

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to thank Mr. William Young – who served as Parliamentary Librarian from December 12, 2005, until December 11, 2011 – for his dedication, diligence and sound leadership during his tenure, and to wish him well in his future endeavours.

Holding a special place in Canadian history, the Library of Parliament is the last remaining part of the original Parliament building. It is a fully functioning library whose collection and services support the activities and decisions of Parliament. The control and management of the Library rests with the Parliamentary Librarian, who is appointed by the Governor in Council. Pursuant to Standing Order 111.1, the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons will be tabling this nomination for referral to the Standing Joint Committee on the Library of Parliament.