PM delivers remarks in Hula Valley Hula Valley, Israel

Hula Valley, Israel
22 January 2014

Hello, everybody.

Let me just say a few words.

Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to say first of all how honoured I am to be here for the inauguration of this building and this bird sanctuary.

It’s a tremendous thing that you have bestowed upon me.

It’s very fitting for our Government.

As you know, Canadians, our environmental policy, we really have focused on conservation, particularly the conservation of land and marine areas in this country, so it’s wonderful that we’re able to share, Laureen and I, and all, through all of you to share that particular love with the people of Israel.

But I do want to thank all of you, and I know there are many people in this room and many people that you represent throughout Canada for how much you have done the Jewish National Fund, and in fact the entire Jewish community, to really make this possible, to make this project possible and I do hope that although it bears my name, you will all think of this as a part of you, as Jewish Canadians whenever you come here.

Think of this as part of what you have contributed to this country of Israel and to this relationship between Canada and Israel.

I know you’ll be back and I know that I will be back in a couple of years’ time to see it when it is all officially open and under way.

So thank you very much.

Thank you.