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  • PM delivers remarks on the passing of Jim Flaherty
    And it is with the heaviest of hearts that I offer my family’s condolences, and I know the condolences of the entire Parliament and Government of Canada, to Jim’s wife Christine, and his sons Quinn, Galen and John at this tragic time.
    Ottawa, Ontario - 10 April 2014
  • PM introduces the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights
    Thank you very much. Hello everyone. First of all, thank you all for being here, but particularly thank you Peter for that kind introduction. Peter, you should all know, Peter himself, as Stella indicated, has a real abiding passion for this particular issue and has really worked hard to get what we’re doing today across the finish line. So once again, our thanks to Peter for that great work. Give him a hand everybody. All of my other colleagues here today also feel very passionately about this subject.
    Mississauga, Ontario - 3 April 2014
  • PM delivers remarks at a joint press conference with Chancellor Merkel
    I’m always very grateful for your hospitality and the hospitality we receive from the German people more widely.
    Berlin, Germany - 27 March 2014
  • PM delivers remarks at the conclusion of the Nuclear Security Summit
    Good afternoon. Let me begin by thanking Prime Minister Rutte for hosting a successful Summit. Obviously the Summit was an opportunity to talk about an important subject, and that's nuclear security. But, as you know of course, given the size of the delegations here, there were also many opportunities to chat with my fellow leaders on various topics, not just in the G-7 but a number of others who were here today. This is the third nuclear security summit I have attended and I am pleased to see that much was accomplished.
    The Hague, Netherlands - 25 March 2014
  • PM delivers remarks at joint press conference with Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of Ukraine
    Prime Minister, first I bring you greetings from all Canadians, including, but certainly not limited to, more than one million Canadians of Ukrainian heritage, the third-largest Ukrainian population in the entire world. On behalf of all of Canada, I can tell you that your country is in our thoughts and prayers. Prime Minister, it is an honour to stand here with you here in Kyiv on this, my second visit to Ukraine. In recent months, the whole world has witnessed the courage of the Ukrainian people.
    Kyiv, Ukraine - 22 March 2014
  • PM delivers remarks at the Canadian Women’s Hockey League Awards Gala
    Today, the best hockey players from around the world, as been mentioned, come to our country, come to the CWHL to compete and to play the game they love.
    Markham, Ontario - 18 March 2014
  • PM delivers remarks welcoming home members of the Canadian Armed Forces returning from Canada’s mission in Afghanistan at a ceremony in Ottawa
    Thank you very much. Thank you Gord.  Your Excellency Governor General Johnston, fellow Parliamentarians Rob Nicholson and Royal Galipeau, General Lawson, distinguished guests, and the men, women and families of the Canadian Armed Forces. I know that you have had a long journey and you are all anxious to be at home with your friends and your loved ones. It is important however that as a country we pause to mark this moment. Together I know that all Canadians join with me to say welcome home and job well done.
    Ottawa, ON - 18 March 2014
  • PM delivers remarks at Canadian-Korean community event in Burnaby Burnaby, British Columbia
    Hello, everyone. Thank you, Senator Yonah Kim-Martin for that kind introduction. And let me take this opportunity to thank you as well for the tremendous job you’re doing representing Canada’s Korean Community in our Nation’s Capital. Let’s give Yonah a big hand! Alice Wong, Yonah Martin, Wai Young, Mark Strahl, Dan Albas. Let me extend my sincere thanks to the Korean community, for hosting tonight’s event… what an impressive turnout! Ladies and gentlemen, late yesterday I returned from my fourth trip to Korea. 
    Burnaby, British Columbia - 12 March 2014
  • PM delivers remarks at a joint press conference with President Park of the Republic of Korea
    Thank you, PresidentPark, and thank you not just on behalf of myself but on behalf of the welcome accorded to our entire delegation. Business delegates, by members of the Korean Canadian community and also by a number of my parliamentary colleagues, Minister James Moore, Minister Ed Fast, members of Parliament, Barry Devolin, Ron Cannon, Terence Young, Chungsen Leung and also Senator Yonah Kim-Martin, we all appreciate your welcome. We last met on the margins of the APEC Summit in Bali last fall as you mentioned, Madam President.
    Seoul, Korea - 11 March 2014
  • PM delivers remarks at the 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award ceremony
    Your Excellency Governor General Johnston, Clerk of the Privy Council Wayne Waters, honourable colleagues in the Parliament of Canada, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen and especially Renée Jolicoeur, in honour of whom we are all here today at Rideau Hall. I extend to all of you my warmest welcome. Now before we proceed, allow me just to, one, a small task, and that is to take a minute to thank everyone who has worked over the past year on the Selection Committee for this award. Some of them are with us today.
    Ottawa, Ontario - 6 March 2014



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