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  • PM delivers remarks during the Chief of the Defence Staff Change of Command ceremony
    Thank you very much. Your Excellency Governor General Johnston, Minister Kenney, Minister Fantino, Generals Lawson and Vance, and members of the Canadian Armed Forces, honoured veterans, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. Some of you here will recall what I said in autumn of last year. I said then that Canada’s Armed Forces have been central to the story of our country for more than 200 years. Central to our national identity, central to our success as a country, central at times to our very survival. 
    Ottawa, Ontario - 17 July 2015
  • PM announces the expansion of Rouge National Urban Park
    Thank you very much everybody. Hello, everybody. Thank you Chris for that very kind introduction, also Peter and Colin for serving as our emcees.
    Pickering, Ontario - 11 July 2015
  • PM delivers remarks at the Canada Day celebration on Parliament Hill
    “Thank you very much. “Governor General and Sharon Johnston, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. “Happy 148th Canada Day, everyone! “We have a great crowd and we’ve got the sun. “Which just goes to show a little bit of bad weather is never going to keep Canadians down! “Once again, ladies and gentlemen, as we celebrate this special day this year, we have much to be proud of and much to be thankful for. “We are a prosperous and optimistic country. “We are a kind and generous society.
    Ottawa, Ontario - 1 July 2015
  • PM announces support to improve critical infrastructure at Canadian Forces Base Bagotville
    The enemy we face, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has targeted our country, Canada and Canadians, through its words and deeds.
    La Baie, Quebec - 25 June 2015
  • PM announces support for Rendez-vous 2017
    Minister Lebel, Minister Blaney, Member of Parliament Gourde, Mayor Labeaume, Chairman of the Board Moreau, Captain Thibault and our naval residence hosts, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.
    Québec City, Quebec - 25 June 2015
  • PM announces further details regarding the new Public Transit Fund
    What I’m about to talk about today relates to some measures that Joe brought in in his Economic Action Plan 2015, and also relates obviously as well to his role as the regional minister for the Greater Toronto Area so in advance of that, please give Joe Oliver a big hand for the preparatory work he’s done for this.
    Toronto, Ontario - 18 June 2015
  • PM addresses the crew on board HMCS Fredericton during his visit to Poland
    Thank you very much, Commander Murray, for that very kind introduction and congratulations during your first year commanding Fredericton, the first Halifax-class frigate to be deployed having completed the modernization and equipment life extension project.
    Gdynia, Poland - 10 June 2015
  • PM delivers remarks at Pałac na Wodzie during his bilateral visit to Poland
    Thank you, Prime Minister. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It’s wonderful to be back in Poland and to have the chance to renew and reaffirm the deep and enduring ties that our two countries share.
    Warsaw, Poland - 9 June 2015
  • PM delivers remarks during a media availability at the conclusion of the G-7 Schloss Elmau Summit
    For Canada, the G-7 is and must remain our primary forum with key world partners who are committed to shared principles of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, as well as market-oriented prosperity, sustainable development and mutual security.
    Elmau, Germany - 8 June 2015
  • PM delivers remarks during a joint press conference with Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, in Kyiv
    Thank you Mr. President, Petro. Thank you once again for your warm welcome here, not just to me but to all of my colleagues, my parliamentary colleagues, Ted Opitz, Raynell Andreychuk, James Bezan, Wladyslaw Lizon, and to the delegation of the Ukrainian-Canadian community that’s also with me.
    Kyiv, Ukraine - 6 June 2015