PM announces continued support for nuclear security collaboration

PM announces continued support for nuclear security collaboration.

Seoul, South Korea
27 March 2012

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced Canada’s continued support to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Nuclear Security Fund.

The announcement was made during the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea, where leaders from more than 50 countries and four international organizations gathered to discuss progress made on previous commitments and to identify areas for further domestic and international work to enhance nuclear security and prevent nuclear terrorism.

“Canada recognizes the pivotal role the International Atomic Energy Agency plays in promoting nuclear safety and security around the world,” said Prime Minister Harper. “Our Government is proud to continue providing substantial support for this vital international organization, including its efforts to counter nuclear terrorism.”

Canada is the third-largest national contributor to the IAEA Nuclear Security Fund – the world’s center of cooperation in the nuclear field – having contributed more than $17 million through its Global Partnership Program (GPP) since 2004. The GPP is the main mechanism through which Canada contributes to international efforts to enhance nuclear security and prevent the proliferation and acquisition by terrorist organizations of weapons and materials of mass destruction and related expertise.

In a joint-statement issued during the Summit, the Global Partnership expressed their support for the central role played by the IAEA in enhancing nuclear security globally.

Since 2010, Global Partnership members have collectively contributed approximately $55 million to the IAEA’s Nuclear Security Fund to support concrete nuclear security projects worldwide. These projects include enhancing physical protection measures at vulnerable nuclear facilities and installing radiation detection equipment at borders to prevent illicit nuclear trafficking.