Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards

Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards

Thank you for your interest in the Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards. The call for nominations is now closed.

On March 18, 2015, 17 Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards recipients were honoured by the Prime Minister at a ceremony held in Toronto. Meet the recipients of the Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards.

During their visit to Toronto, these exceptional award recipients participated in a session in which they shared their achievements  and the exemplary practices in community leadership that have enabled them to contribute to their communities and succeed.

The best solutions to the challenges facing Canada's communities are often found locally. For this reason, the Prime Minister announced the creation of the Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards to recognize the enormous contribution volunteers make to Canada. The Government of Canada also expressed its interest in looking to innovative charities and forward-thinking private-sector companies to partner on new approaches to many social challenges.

The Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards recognize the enormous contributions volunteers, innovative not-for-profit organizations and forward‑thinking businesses make to their communities through voluntary contributions and innovative ideas and approaches to address social challenges. Volunteering, charitable donations and philanthropy all play a key role in helping communities to address these challenges, and these prestigious awards are an opportunity to recognize the tremendous contributions of many Canadians who work together to improve the well-being of families and communities across the country.

The Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards program consists of 17 awards in total, two at the national level and 15 at the regional level. The awards highlight best practices in community leadership and encourage partnerships across sectors. The goal of the awards is to inspire Canadians from all walks of life to find new ways of making a difference in their communities.

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