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The Canadian Ministry (available in PDF (42.6 KB))

The Ministry (Cabinet) is the body of advisors that sets the federal government’s policies and priorities for the country. Almost all of Cabinet is selected from the House of Commons. From time to time, a Senator may be included to ensure all parts of the country are represented.

Ministerial Mandate Letters

The mandate letters provide a framework for what Ministers are expected to accomplish, including specific policy objectives and challenges to be addressed.

Cabinet Committee Mandate and Membership

Cabinet Committees are made up of members of the Canadian Ministry (Cabinet). This outlines the list of these committees, their mandates and their members.

Open and Accountable Government (available in PDF (2.08 MB))

Open and Accountable Government sets out core principles regarding the roles and responsibilities of Ministers in Canada’s system of responsible parliamentary government.

Parliamentary Secretaries

Parliamentary secretaries play a vital role in assisting cabinet ministers with their parliamentary duties.

Guide for Parliamentary Secretaries (available in PDF (393 KB))

Parliamentary secretaries serve as key representatives of the Government and as integral links between ministers and Parliament. This guide is intended to provide parliamentary secretaries with basic information about their role and the rules and regulations relevant to their position.