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France-Canada Peacekeeping Roadmap

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The United Nations (UN) is engaged in a process of structural and conceptual renewal aimed at making peacekeeping more responsive and better adapted to the complex environments to which peacekeepers are currently deployed.

As the two countries renew and strengthen their political partnership, France and Canada, as founding member states profoundly dedicated to the principles of the UN Charter and the rules of international law, wish to deepen their cooperation in peacekeeping and peace-building.

Our two countries commit to working in cooperation to provide the UN with both the political and operational support it requires to give the men and women working towards international peace and security the means to fulfill their mission.

France salutes Canada’s desire to re-engage in peacekeeping by deploying up to 600 of its soldiers as part of the UN forces.

Canada and France will work together in multilateral organisations as well as in peacekeeping operations on the basis of the following priorities:

- Preventive diplomacy and peaceful resolution of disputes;

- Support for the military, policing and legal aspects of peacekeeping operations;

- Development cooperation with third-party countries in crisis to advance stability and build resilience;

- Protection of civilians and respect for the rights and role of women in preventing and resolving conflicts;

- Support for the strengthening of the military performance of peacekeeping operations.

Our two countries will therefore work collaboratively to promote an effective and innovative reform of peacekeeping operations. Within that framework, France has proposed that Canada co-chair the ministerial conference on peacekeeping in Francophone environments that it will be hosting in Paris on October 26 and 27, 2016.

To maintain the momentum created by this Roadmap, the two countries agree to promote exchanges of diplomats and civilian and military experts, thus reinforcing mutual knowledge and encouraging the sharing of situation analyses and assessments.

France and Canada agree, finally, to organize regular bilateral consultations on these subjects.

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