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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with the Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with Leo Varadkar, the Irish Taoiseach.

The Prime Minister and the Taoiseach discussed the deepening crisis in Venezuela and expressed their profound concern for the people of Venezuela, who are suffering greatly under the illegitimate Maduro regime. Prime Minister Trudeau emphasized Canada’s support for Interim President Juan Guaidó and the need to respect Venezuela’s Constitution.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Taoiseach Varadkar also discussed the arbitrary detention of two Canadians in China, as well as the arbitrary imposition of the death penalty on a third Canadian, and the importance of upholding and respecting the rule of law. 

The two leaders discussed the implications for Ireland of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. They agreed on the fundamental importance of protecting the Good Friday Agreement for the peace process in Northern Ireland, and recalled Canada’s role in achieving the Agreement.