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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with President of the United States of America, Donald Trump

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PM Trudeau meets with President Donald Trump

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with United States of America President Donald Trump.

The Prime Minister and the President reaffirmed their support for the new North American Free Trade Agreement which supports millions of jobs in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. The two leaders welcomed the work towards its ratification in all three countries.

The Prime Minister and President discussed the importance of the NATO Alliance for international peace and security as well as the indispensable Canada-U.S. partnership for the defence of North America. The President noted Canada’s contributions to NATO missions including in Iraq, Latvia, and Romania.

The two leaders also discussed relations with China. The President agreed with Canada’s position on the ongoing arbitrary detention of two Canadians in China and said Canada and the U.S would continue to work on this together.

The Prime Minister and President agreed to keep in touch and to strengthen their close cooperation.