Ottawa, Ontario - September 13, 2016

On September 12, 2016, Wang Yongqing, Secretary-General of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China, and Daniel Jean, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada, co-chaired in Beijing the inaugural meeting of the Canada-China High-Level National Security and Rule of Law Dialogue. The Dialogue, supported by relevant ministries and agencies of both countries, was established by Canadian and Chinese Leaders during the visit to China of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau between August 30 and September 6, 2016.

The two sides established the dialogue’s Terms of Reference, and set out the dialogue’s structure and framework for future cooperation. In addition, the two sides had detailed discussions on how to improve cooperation on a wide range of issues including counter-terrorism; cyber security and combatting cybercrime; combatting transnational organized crime; law enforcement issues; consular issues; and judicial cooperation and exchanges on rule of law. The discussions established the direction for future cooperation and provided high-level strategic guidance to existing relevant dialogues. Both sides stated their intention to enhance bilateral national security and rule of law cooperation and promote coordination and communication internationally, with a view to jointly addressing global threats.

The two sides determined that the short-term objectives for Canada-China cooperation on security and rule of law are to: start discussions on an Extradition Treaty and a Transfer of Offenders Treaty as well as other related matters; pursue discussions on cyber security and cybercrime cooperation; complete work related to the signing of the Agreement Between Canada and the People’s Republic of China on Sharing and Return of Forfeited Assets; renew the Canada-China MOU Concerning Cooperation in Combatting Crime between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ministry of Public Security of China; and finalize negotiation of a one year MOU on the Pilot Project between the Canada Border Services Agency and the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration where Chinese experts will be invited to assist in the verification of the identity of inadmissible persons from mainland China in order to facilitate their return from Canada to China.


National Security Advisor to
the Prime Minister of Canada
Daniel Jean


The People’s Republic of China
Secretary-General of the Central Political and
Legal Affairs Commission of the CPC
Wang Yongqing