Ottawa, Ontario - October 24, 2016

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on United Nations Day:

“When I addressed the United Nations (UN) General Assembly for the first time as Prime Minister this past September, I made Canada’s position clear: the world needs to focus on what brings us together and not what divides us.

“Canada firmly believes that the UN is essential to addressing many of the world’s most pressing challenges – from fighting climate change, mass migration, poverty and disease, to securing peace and stability in a turbulent world.

“Canada and Canadians have a storied past working with the UN, from helping draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to helping resolve the Suez Canal crisis, to taking leadership roles in peacekeeping, environmental protection, and fighting AIDS in Africa.

“The UN and the essential work it does for humanity is once more a priority for Canada. We recently ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and remain committed to playing a major role in peacekeeping and conflict prevention efforts.

“On this day, let us pause to reflect on all that the UN has accomplished for the world, and celebrate the employees of its many affiliated programmes, funds, and specialized agencies who work tirelessly to make our global community a safer, more prosperous place. The UN is a vital organization, unparalleled in scope, that is a source of great optimism for a better tomorrow.”