Ottawa, Ontario - March 12, 2018

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Canada’s steel and aluminum workers and businesses:

“This week, I will travel across Canada to meet with the workers and businesses at the heart of our country’s world-class steel and aluminum industries.

“From Northern Quebec to the St. Lawrence Valley and the Great Lakes, to the ports of the east and west coasts and urban centres across the country, Canada’s steel and aluminum industries provide thousands of Canadians with good, middle class jobs and play an important role in our economy. Canada produces some of the cleanest steel and aluminum in the world thanks to our focus on new technology and cleaner sources of energy.

“We know the tremendous effort that steel and aluminum workers put in every day to provide for their families, support their communities, and build businesses that are competitive in the global market. We also know they face real challenges, including concerns around global overcapacity and our integrated North American market.

“I look forward to hearing directly from workers about how we can work together to address these issues and help our steel and aluminum industries grow and succeed.

“We will always stand up for Canadian steel and aluminum workers. This is about defending our country’s primary interests and values, so that our industries and businesses can continue to drive economic growth, and create the good, middle class jobs that we need for our future prosperity.”