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Stage 2 expansion of Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit System

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The Ottawa Light Rail Transit (LRT) Stage 2 project builds on the Stage 1 construction of the Confederation Line and its 12.5 kilometres of electrified rail. Stage 1 extends from Tunney’s Pasture in the west to Blair Station in the east, including a tunnel through Ottawa’s downtown core.

Through Stage 2, three main extensions will be built: Confederation Line East, Confederation Line West, and Trillium Line South. Once completed, these projects will support efforts to reduce urban congestion, increase transit ridership, and improve safety and mobility in the Ottawa region.

Confederation Line East Extension

  • The Confederation Line East extension will see LRT continue from Blair Station to Place d’Orléans Station, and then to Trim Road.
  • This component includes the construction of approximately 12 kilometres of new rail and five new stations – at Montreal Road, Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard, Orléans Boulevard, Place d’Orléans shopping centre, and Trim Road.

Confederation Line West Extension

  • The Confederation Line West extension will see LRT continue along the route of the West Transitway from Tunney’s Pasture to Moodie and Baseline stations.
  • This component includes the construction of approximately 15 kilometres of new rail and 11 new stations – at Westboro, Dominion, Cleary, New Orchard, Lincoln Fields, Iris, Baseline, Queensview, Pinecrest, Bayshore and Moodie.

Trillium Line South Extension

  • The Trillium Line South extension will see LRT continue from Greenboro Station to Bowesville Station in Riverside South, while also adding a link to the Ottawa International Airport.
  • This component includes the construction of approximately 11 kilometres of new rail and seven new stations – at Gladstone Avenue, Walkley Road, South Keys shopping centre, Uplands Drive, the Ottawa International Airport, Leitrim Road and Bowesville Road.

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