Montréal, Quebec - December 6, 2018

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Panel on Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) will be to support and guide the responsible adoption of AI that is human-centric and grounded in human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation and economic growth. The International Panel on AI will facilitate international collaboration in a multistakeholder manner with the scientific community, industry, civil society, related international organizations, and governments.

Background — Canada-France Statement on Artificial Intelligence

As announced by Prime Minister Trudeau and President Macron on June 7, 2018, Canada and France wish to promote a vision of human-centric artificial intelligence. To this end, Canada and France are seeking to create an International Panel on AI that can become a global point of reference for understanding and sharing research results on AI issues and best practices, as well as convening international AI initiatives.

Proposed Mandate

By relying on the expertise of the scientific community, industry, civil society and governments, and by providing a mechanism for sharing multidisciplinary analysis, foresight and coordination capabilities in the area of AI, the International Panel on AI will conduct analysis in order to guide AI policy development and the responsible adoption of AI, grounded in human rights. To this end, the International Panel on AI will produce reports and assessments, at the request of its members. It will also establish working group(s) or other multistakeholder mechanisms to, among other things, share information.

In addition to its own work, International Panel on AI will monitor and draw on the work being done domestically and internationally in the area of AI (e.g. countries of the G7 including the European Union, G20, OECD, United Nations). The International Panel on AI will seek to identify gaps, maximise coordination, and facilitate international collaboration. The International Panel on AI will aim to cover the field of AI and its impacts in a global and comprehensive manner by considering the perspectives related to (i) scientific and technological advances, (ii) economic transformation, (iii) respect for human rights, (iv) the collective and society, (v) geopolitical developments, and (vi) cultural diversity.

The areas covered by the mandate of the International Panel on AI will be refined over time and as the field of AI continues to mature.

For illustrative purposes, the themes of the International Panel on AI’s activities could include:

  • Data Collection and Access
  • Data Control and Privacy
  • Trust in AI
  • Acceptance and Adoption of AI
  • Future of Work
  • Governance, Laws and Justice
  • Responsible AI and Human Rights
  • Equity, Responsibility and Public Good

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